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SINS: Now in Playtest!

Here is the active playtest draft of the the Special Investigations: NightShift (SINS) setting for Savage Worlds.

So here you are, the new crop of Special Investigators. Welcome. And I mean that. This department is overworked, underfunded, misunderstood… and that was before our recent… trouble. I can use each and everyone one of you, so when I say welcome to SI, I mean it.

Now I know what the rest of the force say about us. They’d have you believe this is a unit of crooked cops and incompetent investigators. They say this is where police careers go to die and where only the nut jobs feel at home. You can believe them if you want, but what does that say about you lot that they transferred you here?

I’ll tell you what I think. I think they haven’t got a clue what goes on in this unit, and that if they did, they’d wet themselves and hide under the bed for a week.

Now you’re all new to the nature of this kind of work, so I’ll try to keep from assigning you to any jobs involving our famed “escaped bears,” at least until I know you can handle it… but the cases are rarely labeled when they come in, so be on your toes, be careful, and for sprits’ sakes… try to keep an open mind.

– S.I. Interim Captain Isadora Decoudreau

Download It Now!

This playtest file receives regular updates as I add, fix, and adjust SINS thanks to support from the Savage Worlds community.
Please leave me any feedback as comment.


Haunted TVSINS is a cross of 1990s detective shows, with their “realistic” depictions of life in a police unit and the nature of the job, and the supernatural monster-of-the-week shows of the same era. The whole setting is framed as a TV show and plays up the conceits both genres for additional fun and drama.

New Rules:

The setting is designed around the TV style detective unit. You don’t just have to fight monsters, but you also have keep your clearance rates up, cover-up the truth of magic and monsters… and avoid Internal Affairs investigations. The players can earn Departmental Favor Tokens to call in assistance from the rest of the force, and can make use of Back Story Reveals to flesh in their character’s history with useful minor skills on the fly.
To help in hunting monsters, players can make improvised monster hunting weapons, like using a Fey Lord’s own gold to make bullets that bypass his resistance, or embedding iron nails in a baseball bat. Or they can try a little magic themselves by researching rituals or attempting to use cursed magic items.

New Tools:

The GM section includes advice for designing investigation heavy scenarios, and even a card based system for fleshing out police cases featuring the supernatural, complete with an example, and a full “Pilot Episode” made using the system.

Edges, Hindrances, and Monsters:

Standard IssueSINS also includes a selection of new edges like Hard Boiled Special Investigator, new hindrances like Rookie Partner, and various new takes on classic monsters like Boogeymen, Changelings, and Sirens, as well as a host of mere mortal crooks, cops, cultists, and civilians.

Character & Investigation Sheets:

SINS includes a two sided “Personnel Record Form” with plenty of space and notes for the SINS setting rules, and an “Episode Call Sheet” to help Directors (GMs) plan and track cases, PR draws, and guest stars.

7 thoughts on “SINS: Now in Playtest!

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  2. Gideon Helmsley

    This truly is awesome! My wife and I are huge fans of X-Files and Law & Order. I plan on running this for her soon. I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s finished with playtesting. :D

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  4. Brandoff


    Special Investigations: NightShift sounds like just what I’m looking for, but the playtest document and extra material (Personnel Record Form, Episode Call Sheet, Detective Cheat Sheet) are no longer available for download.

    Would you please fix the SINS download links?

    Thank you!

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