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Playtest Draft 2

I’ve completed a number of tweaks to the playtest draft of the rules, and uploaded it to the Google Drive account for Mock Logic.  I’ve updated the link on the Playtest posting to this new version.

Although I still haven’t found the time to make a cover for the book, there are a lot of minor tweaks included throughout this draft.  I especially want to thank user SittingDuck over at the Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s Forum for helping me out with a lot of minor grammatical issues, and my playtesters for helping me work through some ideas.   Hopefully things are easier to read and play now.

A pair of major addition is the inclusion of a minor supernatural edge, Spirit Sight, as well as a version of the Detective Cheat Sheet, which you can also download separately on the SINS page. There is also some advice on seeking medical attention, which like Second Sight, is directly derived from experiences in my Playtest game.

Riverboat in the SwampSpeaking of my playtest game, I’ve added a collection of poorly photographed 1 inch grid maps to the Mock Logic Flickr account.  These are all the maps I’ve made for use in my SINS playtest game.  They aren’t the best looking photographs, but people playing modern RPGs might find them useful or helpful, so I’ve put them all under Creative Commons.  A few of them are inspired by famous TV Show sets, like Seinfeld, Angel, and House.  Others are simply attempts to be interesting, like an old riverboat stuck in the swamp, or an amusement park fun house.

The MockLogic Flickr Account also gets regular updates of content I make for my playtest game, most of it Creative Commons licensed.  So, if for example, you want an image of an Abandoned Amusement Park in the middle of New Orleans, so that you might unleash a boogeyman on your group of players there…  I’ve got that.

Happy Gaming!

Ruined Amusement Park

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