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Two Months Worth of Mox RPG Content!

MOX-LOGOTwo more of my Card Kingdom / Mox Boarding House articles went live since the last time I posted here.

The first is Static/Signal, a rules neutral CyberPunk setting where the players take on the role of Ghost Agents: mercenary corporate espionage agents hired by various megacorps to generally steal from other megacorps. I had a lot of fun writing this, especially figuring out the alien angle. It’s essentially the concept of the movie Contact, but with the signal strength turned up to 11: powerful enough to EMP the globe for over 3 days.

My most recent article is An Introduction to Tabletop RPGs. It is a discussion of the very basics of Tabletop RPGs for those curious about what it’s really like, and where to get started. Unlike most of my articles it’s not really intended for existing gamers, but aimed at those on the edge of the hobby, particularly people that enjoy modern board games.


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