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Playtesting Continues

Ritual in the BayouI’m continuing to run a weekly game of SINS, and I’m getting some great feedback on the game as I go.  The next playtest draft will incorporate a lot tweaks and adjustments intended make the game work better.  In particular, I’ve been adjusting some of the setting rules to work better with small or large groups.

On the topic of the next playtest draft, I want to give a big thanks to forum member Sitting Duck for doing a massive amount of error finding in the 1.5 playtst draft.  The next playtest draft will incorporate all those minor fixes.

Overall, I’m having a blast running the games.  I’m a mere three episodes in, but so far my players have encountered demons, werewolves, a misguided vampire slayer, ghosts, and pet black caiman named Fluffy.  They haven’t solved every case, and they haven’t gotten away without a few scratches, gun shots, or partial incarcerations, but they have managed to survive thus far, and they always get their man monster.

Personally, I’m also enjoying the chance to use my collection of fancy playing cards.  In Episode two, which featured a headless corpse, I used the Karnival Dead Eyes deck, which may be my go-to deck for SINS games.  It’s got a creepy, blood splattered, ransom note style that fits very well with murder cases.  Episode three had ghosts, so I used the Karnival Dose deck, which has plenty of skulls and bones worked into it.  I have plans for a future episode which will fit well with Joe Vollan‘s wonderful deck of cards, which you can buy at or for those of you in Seattle, at Card Kingdom itself.

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