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S01.E01: Pilot

The Detective is on the CaseI’ve got some requests to for write-ups of the playtest SINS episodes I’ve been running, so I thought I’d give it a try.

The player characters for this game are:

  • Detective Riley Tohbi-Issi, a tall half-black half-native american, touched by the spirit world and new in town.
  • Detective Remi Lagneux, a wealth french quarter native with a silver tongue and love of swamp-boating.
  • Detective Richard “Carl” Carlson, an aging SI Veteran with nothing but bad luck left after a near fatal encounter with a revenant on a past case.
  • Detective James Caine, a two-fisted Doubting Thomas recently transferred from LA, possibly hiding out from the mob he double-crossed.

This first game uses the “Pilot” episode found in the SINS book, so to keep it from being too easily spoiled I’m putting it after the fold.

Note that Detective Carl and Caine joined in Episode 2, so this first episode has only Tohbi and Lagneux.

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