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Mik the Police Dog

Officer MikFor episode 5 of my playtest SINS game, I teamed the players up with a retired police dog. It was actually a bit of an inside joke.  Mik the Police dog was my K9 Unit cop’s partner in a past 80’s style cop game I played, which directly inspired SINS.  Both Mik and the Lisa Morrow, his owner, are shout outs to that game.

Mik’s stats are essentially the same as the standard police dog in the SINS main book, including the Hardy and Harder to Kill features that player K9 Unit characters get for their police dogs.  The only variation on Mik’s stats is the Stubborn hindrance. Mik doesn’t have is own bennies, but I allowed the player teamed up with Mik to spend, and gain, bennies through Mik, as if he had the K9 Unit edge.

For most of the episode, I let the player control his canine partner, but occasionally I’d have Mik get stubborn about something, typically things I use to do with him in the previous game.  Mik had to ride shotgun, had to have his own desk at the SI office, etc.  If the player went along with it, he got a bennie, but if he argued with the dog, he typically didn’t, unless he too had hindrance to invoke.

If you’re interested in making use of the Mik Character sheet I made for the episode, you can download the PDF here:

Mik’s Character Sheet


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