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New Version of SINS Playtest

Cursed Item or Object of Power?I’ve updated the current rules for Special Investigations: NightShift to version 2.1.  The existing download link is still valid, as I’ve simply updated the file.

The new version includes some new Edges, including Silver Tongued, Silver Tongued Devil, and Mentor.  It also now includes the Gallows Humor edge developed by Jordan Peacock, who was nice enough to give me permission to use the edge in SINS.  I happen to think it’s a perfect fit for the genre, and I’m thrilled to be able to include it.

It also includes an update to Back Story Reveal mechanic, allowing the reveals to be used for any untrained skill instead of just Knowledge & Languages.  I found that restriction too harsh in play, with my player frequently wanting to pickup an odd bit of Healing, Survival, Lockpicking, or Swimming at just the right moment.  Because SINS hands out a d4 in Fighting and Shooting to all detectives at character creation, reveals can’t be used to spontaneously improve combat abilities, so I don’t think it’s going to break the game.

I’ve got some rough numbers on downloads for SINS thus far.  As I would expect, most of the downloads are from the United States, but I was surprised to see that the second most common country of origin is Finland.  I’ve also had downloads from the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Arab Emirates, Puerto Rico, and Spain.  About 64% people are finding the rules through the Savage worlds message boards, but about 20% seem to actually be using this website.  The rest are unknown.

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