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Roll20 and SINS

I’m gearing up for Season 2 of SINS playtest game.

Most of my players moved at the end of the last season, so this time around we will be playing via Roll20‘s virtual desktop. This is my use of roll20, so it should be interesting.

Departmental Favor Token FrontI was a Kickstart Backer of Roll20, and one of the many people who pushed for it to support Savage Worlds, in particular in the use of card decks. The system they built for cards is customizable and with a few tweaks you can easily make a stack of Bennies, and in the case of SINS: Departmental Favor Tokens.

While working on the first episode of the new season, I discovered just how hard it can be to find modern setting gaming tokens for Roll20. Most content is geared towards swords and fantasy type settings. Modern day content is a bit sparse outside of zombie apocalypse tokens. In particular I had trouble locating detectives images.

The good news I decides to do something about it. I’ve added a new set of images to the MockLogic flicker page that includes a bunch of artwork from the SINS book converted in Tokens. All of it is of course Creative Commons Licensed, so feel free to use it but remember to attribute it!

Each token is about 150px (a few a just a tad smaller by accident) and is a low file size PNG with a transparent background. Here’s most of what I made, but I may add more to Flickr later:

DocDetectiveDemonic HoundHorned Lord DemonDanversCultistBombsquadBat With Nails GuyAnn ChapmanSWATSuspect 4Suspect 3Suspect 2Suspect 1Siren DemonShotgun CopScarsSargeRosalynRevenantPriestPilotOld JebMobsterPR OfficerLycanthropeLead Tech GarciaLawyerLadyk-9 CopK-9 CombinedK-9 DogJust a KidCpt. IsaIA OfficerHitmanGunFey Lord

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