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Detectives and Father Christmas

Father Christmas
I’ve uploaded (to Flickr)  some more creative commons images of character that could pass for police detectives.  The good news is that only one of these images is a white guy.  Sadly only one of them is a woman, either.

I tracked these images down for my own use in my SINS Playtest game.  In particular, a few of them became the backup SI Nightshift detectives, gaining names and a touch of personality. The versions I’ve uploaded to Flickr lack name plates, so you can add your own for however you want to use them.

I’ve also uploaded an image of Santa Claus, who took part in the secondary case of my more recent case.  Playing up the Christmas Episode Trope, I had the “Mall Santa” turn out to possibly be the real Santa, and give out gifts to players based on what they had wanted as kids.

I’ve also generated Roll20 tokens for these characters, Santa included.  You might find them useful, especially if you want to run a Christmas episodes of your own.

Sadly, the Flickr Embed Plugin I use this blog isn’t giving me troubles, so I’m having a hard time posting theses images, into this post like I normally do.

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