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Atomic Robo: Action Science Intern

AtomicRoboRPGI was listening to an Atomic Robo RPG actual play podcast, and I got an idea for an Atomic Robo RPG character with its own weird mode and skill.  The Tesladyne Action Science Intern, a character built around carrying gear, running, hiding, and surviving their utter expendability in a hostile field.  Picture a skinny lab tech in the middle of a mummy-robot infested pyramid, weighed down by massive backpack full of scientific gear, and being used as cover by the other better paid action scientists.  Sounds like fun to me!

Let’s start by making a weird skill…

Schlep (Weird Skill – 0 points)

The Schlep skill is used to haul around the various gear, “portable” lab equipment, and other tools of field-science that are useful in the field.  It’s typically rolled to see if you happen to have a bit of equipment on you. Just about any bit of science related non-mega-gear is available through this skill. Why are you carrying that?  Because one of the scientists might ask for it!

Associated Modes: Internship

  • Overcome: You just happen to have the right bit of gear to alleviate a problem, such as having an antidote to a toxin, or a set of radiation suits for an irradiate reactor chamber.
  • Create an Advantage: You just happen to have a bit of gear that would especially helpful, typically showing up in the form of an aspect like a Tesladyne standard Data Tablet Full of Override Codes while facing a haywire security system, or a Hypo-spray Full Of Tranquilizer.

Internship Mode (9 Character Points)

Tesladyne Action Scientist Interns tend to have short, harsh, under appreciated lives. Those that survive tend to do so through a combination of being useful, lying, running, and hiding.

Note: I’ve made the mode cost 9 skill points so it can be used as easily as normal modes.


  • Athletics
  • Deceive
  • Notice
  • Rapport
  • Schlep
  • Stealth
  • Will

Example Mode Sample Aspects:

  • No Honor Among Interns
  • Cowards Die a Thousand Deaths
  • It Might Be Useful
  • Weighted Down With Gear
  • My Lucky Red Shirt
  • Hardly Worth Noticing

William “What’s-his-name” Wyshynski

High Concept: Overlooked Action Science Intern

Ω Aspect: < Pick One >


  • Internship (Good): My Lucky Red Shirt
  • Science (Fair): The Right Tool for the Right Job
  • Intrigue (Average): Code Maker, Code Breaker


  • +5 – Notice, Schlep, Stealth
  • +4 – Athletics, Computer Science, Deceive, Will
  • +3 – Rapport, Electronics
  • +2 – All Other Science
  • +1 – Burglary, Contacts


Physical Stress: 4 boxes

Mental Stress: 3 boxes


<Pick 5>

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