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My First Article At Mox Boarding House

MoxBoardingHouse_LogoToday, my first gaming article for the Mox Boarding House website went life: Divining Your Stats. (Updated Link) It discusses character creation for D&D and similar games using cards instead of dice.  It’s a system designed to fit in-between the random nature of 3d6, the generic nature of standard array, and the complexity of point buy.  It also has the added advantage of filling in character backgrounds and motivations through a tarot like reading, espeicaly done with Tarot cards or similar.

For those of you unfamiliar, is the website for the Mox Boarding House that recently opened on the East-side of like Washington.  It’s the new store opened by the same people that did Card Kingdom and Cafe Mox here in Seattle.

Being a former employee of Card Kingdom, I was asked a while ago if I would write a RPG articles for the new site back when it was still on the drawing board. I eventually agreed and have been working on various articles for the site for months now.  I’ve got lots of plans, but I thought the most appropriate article to kick off the series for my old friends at Card Kingdom would be an article on using cards.

Please check it out here.

Note: I’ve disabled comments on this site.  Please give your feedback or comments over at Mox Boarding House.

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