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Messing Around with Hero Forge

A while back, there was a Kickstarter for company setting up a 3D printed miniatures website, called Hero Forge.  The idea is that you could build a character, much as you do in many video games, and then have in printed out in plastic and shipped to you. In mid December their website went live with a host of races and artwork options across multiple genres.

I just started playing with the site a few days ago, but I’ve already built a handful of characters with it.  In particular I’ve focused on building existing characters, to see how well I could get it to match existing concepts.  I though I might share some of my results.

“That Guy”

Hero Forge That GuyThis is one of my Shadowrun characters.  A hacker that had replaces most of his body with cybernetic limbs. Head, arms, legs, torso: the full body conversion.

Theoretically, I should have made the character look like a normal human, but I wanted to play up synthetic aspect of the character, so I made his body a robot and while I kept a human looking face, I made sure not to include eyebrows or ears, to help it play into the uncanny valley.  Eventually I added the sunglasses because it’s both something he wore a lot, and because it fits the shadowrun coat, silencer, and mirrored shades style of the character.

Generally speaking, I’m rather happy with how this character looks.

Arannis Dayereth

Hero Forge ArannisMy 4th edition D&D Eladrin Arcane Archer.  This particular character was interesting to build because he had a lot of particular features I wanted represented. He needed a bow, obviosly, but he was also known for his rituals, so I included a book too.  Lastly, he forged his own sword, so I included a sword on his belt.  His armor overall is a mix of magical looking armor and wilderness themed bits, like the hide shoulder pad.

I ran into a few problems making this character.  First up, the sword I put on his belt is a wakizashi, but I would have preferred a more traditional fantasy sword.

Second, I wanted to put a set of small antlers in his hair, to play up the wild hunt aspect of the character, but all the horns in the system were larger than I wanted.

Morn Greycastle

Hero Forge Morn Grey CastleThis is the 5th edition character I made in a previous post. He’s a star-pact warlock, so I picked a pose where he’s looking up at the sky.  I also enjoyed putting a slightly confused look on his face.  I think it gets the crazed star-worshiper vibe right to have him looking perturbed into the sky.

The rest of the design was simply matching up parts from the character, like an arcane focus staff and big tome with armor & warlock robe.

Overall, a good model for the character.

Laughing Vulture

Hero Forge Laughing VultureMy 5th edition shadowrun cascade ork t-bird pilot.  This was a fun minis build mixing fantasy and sci-fi parts. Orc head parts, with some fangs for good measure, goggles, data-jack plugs, tribal shoulder pad, coat with charms, high tech pants parts, gun and wrench, etc.

While fun, there were parts of this construction that were lacking.  First, the only data jack option was a mohawk made of jacks, instead on just one in the back of the head or one on the side (maybe replacing an ear?)  Second, there aren’t a lot of native-American looking trappings, which are important for a character with a Tribal SIN, even if it is the less than authentic cascade orks.

Telldor Devilhand

Hero Forge TelldorAnother 4th Edition 4th D&D character, this one inspired by the 2nd edition Planescape setting. Telldor was a half-elf bard from Sigil.  For extra fun, he beat a devil at the crossroads with his lute, and won infernal power from it.  Also a golden lute.  Making a planewalker meant using a lot of odd looking and mismatched gear. Thankfully a lute is already and option in the system.  For his magical sword of annihilation I went with the orish blade.

This is a pretty good model of of Telldor. He’s foppish, and oddly clothed in a way that reminds of Tony Diterlizzi’s Planescape artwork… and the laughing smirk on the face is dead on right for his personality.

Gibson Martini

Hero Forge Gibson MartiniGibson is my post apocalypse “highway ronin” for the new Feng Shui 2. He’s got his force sword, his shotgun, his revolver, and the mismatched gear of a man from a future nearly destroyed. I particularly liked giving him boots that didn’t match, and a confused but nonplussed facial expression.

Overall, this character is just about how I picture Gibson, although his sword, while high-tech looking, still looks more like a sword than the light sabre knock-off I think it should be.

 The White Devil

Hero Forge White Devil“The White Devil” was a scarlet pumperknickly like character I made for a Feng Shui 1 game taking place in the 1800s Hong Kong.  He was the son the rich English Governor, but fought for the oppressed people, wearing a white mask to hide his identity.

I’m not overly pleased with this model.  It’s close to right, but the mask, a key aspect of the character, isn’t right.  I ended up using ninja head wrap and ninja face mask, but what the character really needs is a mask that covers the head and comes down over the eyes (with eye holes) but leaving the lower part of the face, including a proper arrogant smirk, visible.  The rest of the character isn’t bad, although the character used a pepper-box pistol, not a flintlock, this gun is still fairly close compared the revolvers and auto-loader options.

Biorn Baud the Haftbane

Hero Forge HaftbaneMy Big Bruiser viking from another Feng Shui 1 game.  Biorn Baud is in many ways a standard big viking concept, and so took little tweaking to produce in the Hero Forge interface.

Where I felt limited making this character’s mini was in the lack of back options.  Biorn Baud carried a lot of axes, spears, etc around because he typically broke them when hitting enemies.  A good mini for him would have 3 or more weapons strapped to his back to go with the one he is holding, but at the moment, the only back option allowed are cloaks.


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