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Working on Static/Signal for Fate

There hasn’t been a lot going on the blog as of late, but that isn’t to say I haven’t been working on things. Over in a Google+ group I’ve been tossing around ideas related to bringing my Cyberpunk Static/Signal Setting to life.

My initial work was on an Apocalypse World hack, but I’ve more recently decided I’d rather make it a Fate powered game.  If you’re curious, you can see some of my thoughts here:

My overall plan is to make a focused game based around Ghost Agents going on Missions, with advanced rules for framing mission. This will include more robust rules for handling money and gear, including purchasing of very expensive and mechanically potent objects like implanted combat grade cyberware.  I’m also seeking to make it flexible in terms of players and character composition from session to session, as I think that is a strength of the cyberpunk mission model.

The end goal I’m hoping for is an actual game book for sale on DriveThruRPG via Pay What You Want PDF and inexpensive Print On Demand.  I’m hoping I’ve learned enough from working on SINS  (and it’s end) to actually get a product made this time.

At the moment I’m working on having enough content put together to trying running a few early-test sessions with a group of friends.

The project may fail, but I plan to learn from that failure.  I’m also taking seriously some advice from I think read from D. Vincent Baker about working on glow-to-no budget gaming projects. I’m aiming for simple, cheap, and DIY.

2 thoughts on “Working on Static/Signal for Fate

    1. Brian Post author

      Sadly my drive working on dystopian world like Static/Signal dropped off considerably in late 2016 due real world politics. I suddenly had a lot more interest in escapist fantasy power trips.

      I’ve still got all my notes for the Static/Signal project, including several harvested form Google+ before it’s end, so the project may yet return somewhere down the road. An easy pickup cyberpunk heist game is still something I’m interested in enough to play around with in my spare time, so it may yet surface again in some form or another.

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