Mock Logic Games

About MockLogic

Ashanti Doodles of BrianMockLogic Games is a one-man part-time game design website, focusing on the projects I want to work on.  At the moment the main project is SINS, a Savage Worlds setting pitting New Orleans cops against the supernatural spirits that lurk in the night.

Game Design on a Budget

Because MockLogic is a one-man part-time operation, the games being worked on tend to make heavy use of the open gaming and creative commons movements.  The focus is on working with rule systems that don’t require a license, or at least a free license, and using artwork largely drawn from Creative Commons and public domain sources.

Who is this Brian guy?

I’m a gamer.  I’ve been enjoying various roleplaying games since I was kid, and I’ve spent most of that time as the game master.  I’ve started MockLogic as a way to give back to the community hobby I enjoy. 

I’d also really like to earn some beer money from this too.