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Special Investigations: NightShift

The Detective is on the CaseSpecial Investigations: NightShift (SINS) is a setting for the Savage Worlds rule set. It’s based on a cross of 1990s detective shows, with their “realistic” depictions of life in a police unit and the nature of the job, with the supernatural monster-of-the-week shows of the same era. The whole setting is framed as a TV show and plays up the conceits of both genres for additional fun and drama. Hard drinking detectives with rocky marriages are partnered up with a rookies promoted too early and together they take on sorcerers trying to raise an army of the undead in a blighted neighborhood.

Players take the on the starring roles as the newest detectives on the Nightshfit of the New Orleans Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit. They find themselves underfunded, unappreciated, and dealing with the investigations other units either don’t want, or don’t take seriously. Each episode they may uncover a sinister spellcaster, terrifying supernatural creature, or cursed artifact wreaking havoc on the people of their city. It’s their duty to Serve & Protect… and then cover up the evidence of magic and monsters.

The Game Master takes on the role of The Director, plotting out mysteries, and throwing dramatic twists into the works along with the monsters and magic. By framing the game as episodes of a 90s TV show, the Director can focus the action and events on the important scenes, helping to make the game fast, furious, and fun.

So grab you badge, and count your dwindling supply of silver bullets: the show’s about to start.

Free Playtest Draft

SINS is currently in a free playtest draft, and you can download it here!

Downloadable Gaming Aids

  • Icon: Character Sheet (Basic)


    Personnel Record Form

    A two page SINS themed character sheet, complete with space to note Unit Rep, Back Story Reveals, and Paycheck. This file is a color PDF, although it is mostly black and white. The same sheet can be found in the back of the SINS setting book.

  • Icon: Call Sheet (Basic)


    Episode Call Sheet

    This one page Director’s aid is intended to make designing and tracking an episode easier in both preparation and in play. It features space to flow chart both the primary and secondary cases, an easy tracking tool for PR Draws earned in play, and places to note the Unit Rep, Motor Pool, Lead Detective, etc.  It’s themed like a TV Episode call sheet used for filming in Hollywood sets.  Although this document is in color, it is primarily black and white.  The same sheet can be found in the back of the SINS setting book.

  • Icon: Cheat Sheet (Basic)


    Detective Cheat Sheet

    This is an aid intended to help make playing a SINS detective easier. It includes investigative ideas, PR Event example values, and short list of new rules.